Nexus is the large-scale innovation agenda for the port, multimodal and transport sector in Portugal

Headed by the Port of Sines Authority, NEXUS is focused on digital and green transition of the whole logistics chain.

“The NEXUS ecosystem is adressing the most relevant innovation challenges in ports and multimodal operations today. The portuguese cluster of companies involved is top notch. The value creation potential from this initiative is massive” 
“NEXUS is presenting an ambitious innovation agenda that addresses some of the pressing needs in the port and multimodal sector today. The data collaboration context will promote relevant efficiency gains and reduced emissions” 
“ NEXUS is addressing the imperative need to innovate and reinvent the digital port infrastructure to provide sustainability and resilience across the maritime supply chain”
“Data management and sharing platforms in a port-related supply chain setting contribute to a greater transparency and visibility in cargo flows, equipment availability/utilization, and unlock new opportunities for joint cargo bundling and capacity and traffic management. They are an indispensable part in our striving for more resilient and sustainable supply chains
“Success in NEXUS will greatly contribute to digitization and innovation of the logistics sector”


The NEXUS Agenda consortium is headed by the Port of Sines and comprises 35 partners sharing the ambition to develop innovative solutions aiming at achieving both a Green and Digital Transition Agenda. Representative of the whole value chain, the consortium gathers port authorities, maritime, terminal and railway operators, carriers, dry ports, logistics operators, technology suppliers, importers and exporters, being supported by universities and research institutes, whose skills and expertise will pay an important role on the fulfilment of this pioneering Agenda.

Innovative Products and Services

The NEXUS Agenda will produce an ecosystem of 31 products and services for Digital and Green Transition in the transport and multimodal sector. The overall NEXUS offer is composed of 3 main categories: open data collaboration platform; federated applications and services and hardware assets.


NEXUS: Grow smart, think green