Innovative Products and Services

1 – NEXUS OPEN DATA COLLABORATION PLATFORM will curate, consolidate, normalise, and process a massive amount of high-quality multimodal network data, making it available via an open data collaboration marketplace. By creating a fully-fledged data-sharing and collaboration context it will stimulate innovation and the utilization of artificial intelligence

The Open Data Platform will also host a marketplace of applications and APIs for digital and green transition, that will be fully open for all companies, including SMEs, thus creating a strong incentive for digital innovation in a competitive context. A substantial part of the work to be performed by the NEXUS Open Data Collaboration Platform will be related to gathering increasingly more data. For that to take place, it will tap on to the data pool of core sector-wide platforms. It will also negotiate data-sharing worldwide with other platforms. And finally, all the NEXUS federated apps and the Hardware assets (via their digital twins) will also become key data providers

2 – NEXUS FEDERATED APPLICATIONS AND SERVICES refers to 25 applications and services that will be included in the Apps and API portfolio of the Open Data Collaboration Platform. These will greatly benefit from all the high-quality logistics data available and from the synergies with other products in the ecosystem. It’s important to point out that all these Digital products and Services will have their own Unique Selling Proposition and Go To Market Strategy. And will be prepared to be commercialized both via NEXUS but also as stand-alone solutions

3 – NEXUS HARDWARE ASSETS consist of innovative hardware-based products, providing considerable synergies with the Open Data Collaboration Platform and all the Applications and Services

There are several hardware-based products to be included in the NEXUS portfolio:

  • 3 zero emission smart boats: Pilot boat, Tugboat and Smart Command and Control Rescue Vessel – with full electric propulsion and embedded digital twin for operations and energy consumption data interoperability
  • An emission monitoring and surveillance aerial UAV, a water quality monitoring and surveillance underwater AUV and an Aerial UAV for inspections of wind-turbine blades and photovoltaic panels
  • A clean energy production system based on solar, wind and waves (REEFs)